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UK Visas

You can Study in the UK for more than three months. You will need a Tier 4 Student Visa; this is a points-based system application. You will need to score 40 points; the requirements are related to confirmation of acceptance from a training provider and proof of maintenance funds.

If your course is six months or less, you may apply for a Student Visitor Visa. The requirements: appropriate funds and the applicant should be at least 18 years old.

Visit Visas

Non-Eu citizens can apply for a Visitor visa under various categories:

  • Family visitor Visas
  • General Visitor Visa
  • Child Visitor Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa
  • Sports Visitor Visa
  • Entertainer Visitor Visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur Visa
  • Private medical Treatment Visa

This visa is issued for a period of maximum six months. The eligibility criteria include sufficient funds to support yourself and accommodation.

If you visit the UK on business, you may apply for a Standard visitor visa, when you:

  • Are an academic doing research or accompanying students on a study abroad programme
  • You are coming to the UK for training, conference or meeting
  • You are a doctor or dentist and are coming here to take a clinical attachment
  • You intend to start, take over or join a business in the UK
Marriage Visitor visa

When you want to get married or register a civil partnership or to give notice of marriage. This visa can be used by the partner of a British Citizen or a person settled in the UK. The visa is granted for up to six months, and you can apply for it within three months before the date of travel.

You will be able to switch to a Spouse or Partner visa after the marriage. This will allow you to stay in the UK indefinitely and to settle.

Spouse or Partner Visa

This visa is for spouses, civil partners, unmarried partners and same-sex partners of British citizens or UK permanent residents.

You can also 'switch' into this category from a Points-based system visa such as Tier 4 Student visa, Tier 1 visa, Tier 2 work visa, ancestral and other non-visitor visas. It is the natural next step after a Fiancé(e) visa when married.

Initial clearance is given for 30 months, where an extension can be applied for an additional 30 months and then permanent residency (Indefinite leave to remain) may be available after five years.

The requirements:

  • Minimum income of £18,600
  • Proof of Knowledge of English Language
  • Adequate accommodation
  • Genuine relationship

Bogdan Law Office will assist you with all your supporting evidence and make sure your application is complete.

UK Student Visas

Bogdan Law Office can assist you in applying for a Tier 4 student visa or a Short-term study visa.

We offer application checking services and immigration advice.

A regulated UK immigration adviser will advise you on the documents required. This will improve your chances of a positive result. Your adviser will also assist you with all the materials you will need for your visa application. Bogdan Law Office will always be there to help.

Tier 4 (General) Student

The Tier 4 (General) Student category is a points-based system application for students seeking to study at UK educational providers, universities and colleges. All international students arriving in the UK and wishing to enter as a Tier 4 (General) Student - must have valid entry clearance. For best results use the Bogdan Law Office service.

Short-term Study

This category can be used to study in the UK for short periods of six months or less. Visitor visas tend to give you less UK rights but are easier to apply for and obtain.

All applications must be made from outside the UK.

Tier 2 (General) visa

This is a visa category which lets a non-EU national to work in the UK permanently in a skilled role. The Home Office uses the points-based system to assess eligibility to apply. The requirements: skilled worker, sought in the UK, the minimum wage of £30,000, a licensed sponsor offers the position. Shortage occupations: nurses, engineers and construction workers.

Tier 1 Innovator / Start-up visa

This visa category is used by prospective entrepreneurs to enter the UK and start a new or take over an existing business. The financial requirements for this visa are set at £50,000, much lower than for the previous Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa.

This route is available for those who want to set up and run a business in the UK. The business idea needs to be endorsed by an approved body.

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

This is a form of permanent residency; it grants the person leave to remain in the UK for an unlimited period. To make an ILR application, you need to show that you have been lawfully in the UK for five years or in some instances for three years.

Someone who holds ILR is free from immigration controls in the UK. EEA nationals may apply for Settled Status, or EEA permanent residence these grants the same freedoms.

We can help with applications for all UK Visas. Our services include: Visa application for your Partner and family members, Visitor Visas, Student Visas or Worker Visas. Our services cover all applications under the Five Tier Points-Based System. We will guide you through every step of the way, putting you in the best position to get a good result.

  • You get in touch with us by email or via Whatsapp, for a free initial needs assessment with an Immigration adviser.
  • We assess your circumstances and identify your options and whether we can help you. We give you a 100% guaranteed fixed fee.
  • If you accept the quotation, we set up a client file, and we arrange a full consultation and progress your case.
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