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Representation in your immigration application

Completing an application to the Home Office can be a complicated process. Therefore, it is wise to consult with a specialised immigration lawyer for the best advice and help.

With our Representation in your immigration application service, you get direct access to an experienced immigration lawyer who will explain the legal requirements and provide simple-to-follow instructions during each process step.

Why choose the Representation in your Immigration Application service?

Regardless of where you are, we can assist you. We can organise a conference call with you and your UK-based family members.

We make things simple for you. We provide you with free legal jargon advice and a streamlined approach that ensures quick action in your immigration matter.

You will get specialist advice from an immigration lawyer accredited at the highest level, which means we can assist you with applications to the Home Office and Immigration Tribunals.

We get things done professionally. We only do immigration law which means that you receive the best advice in line with the latest case law and Home Office's policies.

How do we work in the Representation in your immigration application service?

  • We start by reviewing your details and your case eligibility.
  • We examine the criteria for eligibility for the visa you are seeking.
  • We assist you in compiling a comprehensive collection of documents to support your argument.
  • We write a detailed letter of representation highlighting how you meet your application requirements.
  • We complete and submit the required forms and book the appointments on your behalf.

Our team has legal expertise and has proven to be successful in providing advice and support in a wide range of immigration matters in both personal and business immigration applications.

Distance is not a problem, we work with you over the phone, Worldwide
  • Step 1 - Get in touch, speak to our expert for a free assessment of your immigration case
  • Step 2 - Book a consultation and get a detailed advice letter out about your options
  • Step 3 - Instruct us to take your case

We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) at the highest level - Advocacy and Representation (Level 3)

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