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Immigration Consultation

Confused about the UK Immigration Rules?

Unsure about the type of immigration application you can submit for yourself or your Company?

Not happy about the Home Office’s decision to refuse your application?

We bring clarity in your case. Our Immigration Consultation offers guidance to help you make an informed decision regarding your immigration matter, providing you with all the necessary information and options.

During the Immigration Consultation, you will meet (in person, over the phone or via Teams) with a highly qualified immigration lawyer.

Our lawyer will explain how we can assist you further with our representation in immigration applications service. Our goal is to increase your chances of success and minimise stress by utilising our extensive knowledge and experience.

Why choose our Immigration Consultation?

If you need to understand the legislation and find your options in your immigration case, the Immigration Consultation service is a perfect choice.

Regardless of where you are, we can assist you. We organise a conference call with your UK-based family members.

You will get specialist advice from a specialist immigration lawyer accredited at the highest level, which means we can assist you with applications to the Home Office and Immigration Tribunals.

We make things simple for you. We provide you with legal-jargon-free advice, and our streamlined approach ensures quick action in your immigration matter.

How do we work during the advice session?

  • This service allows you to speak directly with one of our immigration lawyers.
  • We provide advice regarding your immigration options and the next steps in your case. You will get detailed information on the requirements and the documents needed.
  • After the advice session, you will have time to consider your options and decide whether you need further assistance.

Our Representation in Immigration applications service provides an option if you decide to appoint us as representative. Our lawyer will take all the required actions in your application and advise you regarding the timing of the application. We contact your Home Office on your behalf and deal with any queries they may have.

We have an Immigration Appeal service for those who received a refusal in their application and wish to challenge it. We cover Administrative Reviews and Immigration Appeals against adverse Home Office decisions.

Distance is not a problem, we work with you over the phone, Worldwide
  • Step 1 - Get in touch, speak to our expert for a free assessment of your immigration case
  • Step 2 - Book a consultation and get a detailed advice letter out about your options
  • Step 3 - Instruct us to take your case

We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) at the highest level - Advocacy and Representation (Level 3)

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