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Application Verification Service

This service is for you if you require additional peace of mind that you completed your immigration application correctly. Although you can submit your application to the Home Office without the help of a lawyer, seeking professional legal advice can help you avoid unpleasant situations, such as having your case delayed or rejected.

Why choose our Application verification service?

We make things simple for you. We provide you with simple, legal-jargon-free advice and a streamlined approach that ensures quick action in your immigration matter.

Send us a copy of your application form and supporting documents, and we will send you our feedback including issues and a list with the additional documents required in your case.

What is included in an Application verification service?

Our team will help you with the following:

  • Check your list with supporting documents and make sure these are sufficient in your case
  • Go through the application form, and your answers
  • Provide feedback on the application form, including any issues that need to be addressed.

Our team has the legal expertise and has proven to be successful in providing advice and support in various personal and business immigration matters.

Distance is not a problem, we work with you over the phone, Worldwide
  • Step 1 - Get in touch, speak to our expert for a free assessment of your immigration case
  • Step 2 - Book a consultation and get a detailed advice letter out about your options
  • Step 3 - Instruct us to take your case

We are regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) at the highest level - Advocacy and Representation (Level 3)

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